Did YOU know when you decide to change YOUR Lifestyle, whether it’s Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Build Muscle, Get Toned, Start a new job, I could go on….it’s not only a process of YOUR Body, BUT, of your Mind and Soul.  Did you get that?  Now I know why I […]


SPRING TIME – A TIME OF RENEWAL REBOOST YOUR BODY & MIND A time to renew your mind through Meditation and Personal Development – add yoga or set a time aside to Meditation on what you have read from your Personal Development – from books of inspiration such as: 7 […]

Lifestyle Changes

One of my favorite quotes: “A Healthy Lifestyle Not Only Changes Your Body, It Changes Your Mind, Your Attitude and Your Mood”….This quote is so true… Before my Weight loss journey, I was extremely overweight, depressed, quiet and was really grumpy….me..yep..grumpy!!!  Now that I have loss over 180lbs I have changed my […]

What’s your 2017 word?

At the beginning of a New Year, with my New Year Resolutions, (you know we all make one)…But, how long do we stay committed..I mean really!!   Some of us stay committed for  a week, some 21 days and some make it 2 months and decide this is it….I know, […]


Have you ever found yourself looking in one direction thinking, ‘This was it’!!  I know this is the direction I’m suppose to go!  Well…….Have You? 🙂 I have!!!   A year ago I found myself questioning is this the direction I’m meant to go!! I mean NOTHING WAS HAPPENING!!! After much […]


I’m going to reach my weight goal by the end of 2016!!!  Ya’ll it has been a journey of obstacles, struggles, joy, triumph, tears, and I know that I’m going to reach my Goal and long the way I’m helping others reach their Goals!!   I have another 100lbs to […]


Have you ever been there?  You know, that spot where you know you are ready to start a ‘new beginning’, but just wasn’t sure quite where to start. That’s where I was…I knew it was time to add another adventure to what we were doing, BUT, I had no idea […]