Did You Know?

An Average Person Loses 3-6 Liters of water per day, An Active Person Can Lose 1-2 Liters of water per hour when exercising, sports, etc. 

H3O and Herbalife24Hydrate will rehydrate , replace essential electrolytes for cellular re-hydration, energizing carbs for immediate and sustained energy.  Great tasting flavors: orangeade, lemonade and Tangerine Citrus, All come in individual packages to take with you wherever you go, and great to take when you are in sports, exercise, etc, You can place in your water and your on your way to being immediately rehydrated.

If want to know more go to my website: www.goherbalife.com/gail-swinson/en-us and sign in and check it out.  Have any questions, email me at : enochgail@hotmail.com

Have a great day 🙂 and Stay Hydrated

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