Getting Healthier With Herbalife

We all know that the first steps you take are the hardest, whether it’s to lose weight or get healthier. There will be times you will stumble, but the most important thing is to stayed focused.

My youngest daughter, sister and I are on the Herbalife Weight Loss Program which is two shakes a day, two protein snacks and one balanced meal a day. We also take vitamins every day. We know we are taking Cellular Nutrition which nourishes your cells with the best nutrients available. Do we stumble, yes we have and still do , but we pick ourself back up and continue toward our Goals.

My oldest daughter gives our granddaughter, which is her daughter 🙂 , two kids Herbalife shakes a day to support her immune system by keeping damaging effects at bay. And she loves the flavors which are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Her favorite is chocolate 🙂

My husband drinks his two Herbalife Shakes a day and Herbal tea which helps him to mazimize energy production for increased vitality and optimal Health. He works long hours and this gives him the nutrition and energy that he needs.

My mom, which is seventy-four has her Herbalife shake every morning to make sure she is getting the best cellular nutrition and protein she needs and also the energy for her day.


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