Memories are so important, not to hold them in your lives to create barriers, anger or bitterness but to hold them in your lives to Shape your lives, to Shape how you grow, how you look at things and others, to understand how you are as a person today……..

How Memories Have Shape My Life

I remember my real dad, the memories of going to my grandma’s house where all my Aunts, Uncles and cousins , which was a huge family, every holiday, playing softball in the back yard in teams, I had that huge of a family. The memories of my real dad coming home mad one night and my mom and dad fighting and my dad going out the door to see a friend of his and later coming back  and my mom was so thankful to see he was fine; I was only about six then. The memory of my dad laying the in the bed and could not get up and my mom feeding and bathing him. The memory of my dad passing away, my mom was so upset and trying to help my brother and I to understand. The memory of the day of the funeral, it was snowing, cold and we were in church having the service and I looked at my cousin sitting beside me and I just started crying knowing even then that things were about to change. The memory of line after line of cars, trucks going to the cemetery to bury my dad, I could not even see the end of the line. The memory of standing out in the cold, snowing day at the cemetery watching through my tears my mom saying goodbye. I was only eight years old then.

The memory of my mom after my dad passed away moving to Texas not knowing why, or where to next……………………..

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