So there we were, in Texas….my mom was really trying to make it on her own with her brother’s help.  Later, when I was older I would fine out the real reason of what happen next….

My dad had many friends back in Georgia, but this one special friend of his, Andy, started writing letters to my mom and had been writing them for the entire five months we had been in Texas. Then came the big question: ” Will you marry me” and my mom said yes. I mean after all here she was with four children, I was nine, my brother was eight, my sister was two and a eleven month old baby brother. That was a lot to handle on your own.

Six months after we had moved to Texas my mom married Andy, which would be my step-dad.  Andy then loaded us all up and brought us all back to Georgia. I remember trying to get used to living in a subdivision after living in the country when my dad passed away and then we had to get used to living in the country after living in a subdivision. I was so thankful that my mom always taught us to be flexible and how to make friends easy.

I remember seeing my new granny for the first time. I thought she had magic. I mean for real. She had a barn with cows and she had chickens too.  When she would go out in the mornings to her cows, she would talk to them, I thought she was silly, but the cows would moo just like they understood what she was saying.  She would tell them she came to get some milk and she would appreciate it if they would cooperate and give her some milk with no trouble and you know what, they stood perfectly still while she milked them for milk.

One morning my granny was talking to one of the cows and I was standing now far from her, when that cow started chasing me and my granny took a hickory switch and spanked that cow and that cow moved. I really thought that was magic.

And the chickens, my granny would go right up to them when they were sitting on their nest , so she could get their eggs, now chickens can get right angry when you go messing with their eggs, and my granny would talk to her chickens the whole time she was lifting them to get their eggs and you know what happen!  Magic that’s what! At least that’s what I thought at the time 🙂 The chickens would just as calmly as could be let my granny get their eggs and the chickens would continue to sit on their nest.

I remember my granny had a donkey and my brothers would have fun riding this donkey and one day my oldest brother tried to get me to ride it, and so I told him I would.  So on this one bright Saturday morning my oldest brother brought the donkey to the house and I , even though I was really scare out of my wits, got on the donkey expecting a slow gentle ride, yeah right …..the donkey took off, and I don’t mean a slow trot either , I was screaming my lungs out for the donkey to Whoa, Whoa, but he wasn’t listening at all.  Behind me , later  I found out, was my oldest brother running right behind the donkey and I, trying to catch up to stop the donkey afraid I was going to fall off.  All of a sudden when we got in front of the barn the donkey stops and I almost fell off, but then my brother had caught up and he helped me off the donkey. Believe me when I say, that was my last ride on that donkey 🙂 

I remember the half mile walk I did every day in the mornings and afternoons when we went to school… brothers, sisters and I would start out walking, then as we passed our neighbors homes the kids would join us and we would all walk together to where the bus pick us up.  Then in the afternoon we would all get off the bus and walk together until we each got to our own home place……………………..


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