Have you ever been Labeled?

Have you ever been Labeled?

It was one day at my church, I was standing talking to one of my friends, Cindy, and laughing and carrying on, when my friend, Cindy, made the comment, ” Did you know that Shelia just came up to you ( behind me) and said something and you just ignored her.” And of course I replied, ” No, I didn’t, I did not even hear her” . My friend then began to tell me that this has happen many times and a lot of my friends were beginning to thing I was stuck-up or better than them. This made me feel so sad, because it wasn’t true. Why would my friends think that of me! Did they not know me? I started right then going to my friends to explain why I did not know they were talking to me.
When I was young I had the German Measles, which affected my hearing, where I could not hear anything from my right side. Through the years I always sit in school where I could hear, always made sure I sit/stood where I could hear, never thinking that I would not hear anyone.
It was all natural to me.

I give God the praise for guiding me to my friend, Cindy that day to help me see , so I could be more aware of my surrounding more so, because of my lack of hearing , for I wanted others to see God’s light shining through me the true way, not with the wrong Label.
Have you ever has this happen to you? What happen? How did it make you feel?

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