Have you ever had a donkey? My granny had one.  When I was ten years old my two brothers brought the donkey to the house, they were planning on riding it.  Now this donkey was stubborn, it did not listen well at all. My brothers took turns riding and then my older brother started trying to talk me into riding it and at first I wanted no part of it;  but….my brother talked me into it.

So, I get on the donkey and I’m thinking, ok this is good, “Then it happen!”  “The Donkey took off running” WITH ME ON IT. It was a sight to behold let me tell you. Here I was hollering Whoa! Whoa! and of course, the donkey was NOT listening and kept on running. Now while I’m trying to stay on the donkey , my brother is running, running , behind me on foot to try to catch us to stop the donkey.

 “A VIDEO MOMENT” if there was such a thing back then 🙂  Well…..the donkey stopped at my granny’s barn when it got there and I’m still sitting on the donkey, hanging on for what it’s worth 🙂 when my brother comes running up and helps me off.  We were both thankful the donkey had stopped, for me to get off and for my brother to be able to stop running :).  We laugh about this now when we think back on it.

That’s how it is with our life. We are just find, then all of a sudden trials, hardships, struggles starts running our lives and we are hanging on for all it’s worth saying, ” WHOA! WHOA! “ .  Then, we stop and allow God to help us off our trials, hardships and struggles in life and we are able to stop running.   We look back at our trials, hardships and struggles and smile and laugh giving praises to God for helping us pull through.

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