Being A Mom, “A Precious Gift From God”

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord, a reward from a mother’s womb. (ERV)

WOW! What an precious, beautiful gift from God. What a wonderful gift to help us grow, build character, patience, endurance, self-control, love, joy…..Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person’s life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control….

We were going to have our first baby, our first, I was soo nervous!  I grew up as the oldest in my family of six. I helped take care of my younger sisters and brothers. But….having my own baby was….totally different. 

I was sick almost the entire time of my nine months. The time was getting closer. We are so…excited! We had our baby’s room already done. I was so happy! I made the curtains, comforter for the crib and bumper pads myself, “all lavender”.   You see I just knew we were going to have a girl!  Now back when I was expecting our first baby, there was no sonogram, no way of  knowing what you were going to have ahead of time.  I Just really felt that God was going to  bless us with a girl. A blue eye, blonde hair little girl….I was getting right down to detail 🙂  

The time had come. My water broke, off we went to the hospital. Now just that day at the hospital nine baby boys had been delivered, no girls!   I’m taken to the delivery room with my husband by my side and the breathing and coaching from my husband begins. After twenty-two and half hours in labor, I’m was so exhausted, but my husband and I continued to pray for endurance and then our little one came.  Guess What!!  It was a girl!! Even the doctor was surprised 🙂  My doctor placed her in my arms and I experienced a new found joy!!  What a precious gift from God!! A precious reward from a mother’s womb after nine long months!!  I forgot all about the sickness, pain and trials I went through at that moment.

Two and half years later we were expecting our son. I was going to a different doctor and a different hospital. My husband and I were planning to have him natural like we did with our daughter. When we arrived at the hospital, we had a time convincing the nurse that my husband was going back to the delivery room with me….the nurse was from the old school, where the father sat in the waiting room. Nooo….God knew I needed my husband back there with me to be by my side and also be my breathing coach.  After twenty hours our son was placed in my arms.  Tears of joy was running down my face. God had blessed us with another child, and a son!

Our third and last child was an adventure of it’s own. Our daughter was nine and our son eight and my husband and I decided we were going to start going on trips with our kids and not have any more children.  Well…….that’s what we thought. God had different plans!! 

We were told years before that I could not have anymore children. Well….Surprise!! It had been two months and I had been sick almost every morning. I told my husband that I thought I might be expecting…and he said, ” No, it’s probably a virus”.   After two months of being sick, I went to my doctor and Guess What!! I was expecting 🙂  I told my husband and it took him two months to get over the shock. Needless to say, this unexpected arrival changed our plans. 

We were concern because we did not have insurance at all.  We went to a midwife center and this was going well.  At seven months we even watched a video on C-sections and remember thinking ” we are not going to need this”.   God was helping us build character and endurance!

Nine months came, I felt something wasn’t right. My blood pressure had been high for two months, I had water retention.  The midwives did not seem to concern, they had back up doctors in case of an emergency.  We were in the worst winter storm we had yet!!  As my due date passed and I was still not going into labor, I told my husband that I felt something wasn’t right.  We left to go to our midwife center and they sent us to the hospital to their back up doctors. We had no insurance. The doctors at the hospital said there was nothing they could do and sent us home.

I was getting concern….I went to God in prayer asking for guidance.  God opened the door for us to go to my doctor that delivered our first child.  After checking me, he sent us straight to the hospital and made arrangements to deliver our child by C-section. I was not ready for this!  I was a week overdue, what if something happen to my baby, to me or both. I prayed for God’s to see us through. 

The C-section went fine and we had another daughter. GOD IS AMAZING!!! The doctor told us later that if we had waited another week that our baby and I would have not made it.  He not only provided the doctor, hospital, nurses to take care of us, but also the funds to pay for the entire bill!!!. 

Our two daughters and son are grown now, as you can see from the picture. We have been through a lot of hardships, trials and test, but God has seen us through them all.  I know I have not been a perfect mom, but God has always been there by my side guiding, watching , and protecting our children and still is!!

2Corinthians 12:15 So I am happy to give everything I have for you, I will even give myself for you. If I love you more , will you love me less?

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  1. What a precious gift, indeed! I love that your third was an unexpected God-planned gift. He shows up and shows us how much He loves us even in the details of our deliveries, doesn’t He? Thank you for sharing your story today!

    Missy (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)