It really happened!! No Way!!! My mom is not going to believe this!!! We are STUCK….really stuck in the mud….what are we going to do???

Have you ever heard the saying “I’m late getting home mom, because I got stuck, or had a flat tire.” well….I have and thought, “ok, that’s silly no way would I let that happen”.  Well the sillies was on me 🙂

It all started on a Saturday Morning… date at the time and my cousin decided to go “what they called mud riding” through the woods for our date that day. So off we all went…all four of us.  We had been riding for about an hour through the woods on the dirt trails when we came up on a couple who was stuck on some huge tree roots with their jeep….so we all got out of the truck and helped the couple get their jeep unstuck….which we did and off they went.

As we continued on our way, the guys decided to leave the dirt trail and go on this broken trail through the woods…now us gals did not think it was a good idea…but…. we were overruled. 

About thirty minutes later we came up on this huge dip in the road full of water and of course the guys thought we could go through it and off we went to try to go through it…notice I said try…we got stuck!!

We all tried pushing, rocking the truck, nothing was working…so we all four started walking back the direction we came from hoping to come across someone before it got dark. After walking about three miles, by this time we are tired, muddy, and thirsty….. we finally came up on a group and we ask if they would help us get unstuck and they said they would.  Off we went and with a lot of pushing, pulling and getting wet , we all succeeded in getting us unstuck.

I was….like the rest of them….so happy to be able to head back home. This day had been an adventure for sure.

In Isaiah 40:31 But those who trust in the Lord will become strong-again-like eagles that grow new feathers….. Which we did as we trusted the Lord to guide us in what to do…They will run and not get weak….We continued on our walk and God provided the help we needed…..They will walk and not get tired…..We continued to walk and God provided a ride for us to not get tired!!!! 

Isn’t Our Lord “AWESOME”!!!


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