It’s only one more day!!! My very first book signing with my first book that I have written “My Family Joining Hands with God”.

I’m so….excited, but nervous to!  Have you ever felt that way?  I mean I’m selling my book, signing it and reading, reading from my book!!   Can you tell I’m nervous 🙂   Then I ask myself ” Will everyone like my book?”  ” What will everyone say about my book?”  ok, ok, take a deep breath….remember everyone has different views and some will and some won’t like it….

Here a little insert from my book……Now this donkey was fun to pet. I watch my brother ride, but I had never ridden it. One day, my oldest brother talked me into it. I got on the donkey, and it took off…..I mean it took off running with me on it. It was a sight. Here I was yelling, “Whoa! Whoa!” and of course the donkey was not listening, and my oldest brother was running…..running….behind me, trying to catch us and stop the donkey. I mean, this would have been a video moment. Well………

"My Family Joining Hands with God"

“My Family Joining Hands with God”

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