“A Time for Family”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From our Family to yours!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
From our Family to yours!

WOW!! This year has flown by!  So many things have happened this year.  We planted our first garden at our new home. Our five year old granddaughter loved the green beans, she would go up to her poppy and say, “poppy I want to go pick some more of those deliclious green beans”.

We were blessed to have a sunny summer to swim in our pool all summer and it was such a joy to see our granddaughter able to get in the pool and swim after what she went through the summer before.

Our oldest is doing well with her college classes and will graduated this following summer.

Our youngest changed her job from working at a hospital going back to a nursing home where she worked before as a supervisor and loves it.

Our son is still working at his job at the same nursing home. We pick on him and tell him it’s because all the ladies there spoil him

We all still have our ups and our downs, but we feel so blessed and give God praise that we are all healthy and together.

This time of year is about family and those you care about. Reaching out to those in need, those who need that extra care, love, knowing that someone cares.

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