WOW!!!  We have just started a new year and it is supercharged with inspiration, encouragement, motivation!!  WOW!!!

It is Amazing how God works in our lives and especially when we are still and wait and listen!!   Since the first of this new year we have started our second  FREE 24Fit Fitness Camp as an outreach to our community and it is going really great!!  We are slowly growing 🙂 

FREE 24Fit Fitness Camp

FREE 24Fit Fitness Camp

Then in the middle of January, My husband and I, hosted a Winter Retreat with our Church Family and we used my book
“My Family Joining Hands with God” as our Bible Study and we had a blast!!  We had a Bible Verse Race, a Scavenger Hunt, and discussion questions with each chapter!! There was a lot of sharing and a lot of fun!!!

"My Family Joining Hands with God"

“My Family Joining Hands with God”

No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us. If we love each other, God’s love has reached it’s goal-it is made perfect in us.       1 John 4:12

We had to take our granddaughter to the hospital because her immune disorder flared back up again, she has been in the hospital for two weeks!!  God has been guiding the doctors in helping them find answers and God is healing  our granddaughter.

Ephesians 3 19 20

January has been filled with Inspiration, Encouragement, Motivation, Healing, and Blessings!!!    Let us continue to shine God’s light unto others!!!

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