Have you ever been there?  You know, that spot where you know you are ready to start a ‘new beginning’, but just wasn’t sure quite where to start.

That’s where I was…I knew it was time to add another adventure to what we were doing, BUT, I had no idea what it was, how I was going to start or when. Then, it happened. I just knew it!!

God opened the doors and showed me…God is an Awesome God!!  You see I had started over a year ago changing my lifestyle by losing weight and getting healthier and making Amazing progress I might add and now I wanted to reach out to our community and help them, but how!!

I heard about a place that might have a room, so I went to check to see if I could start a nutrition area, and workout and the lovely young lady kindly told me that I had to check with the fitness center next door, for they were connected, so she kindly took me to the Manager of the Fitness Center and The Manager wanted us to be inside her Fitness Center….Ya’ll let me tell you, I was beyond words…I was so touched, excited and more all at once! 

I went home, talked it over with my husband, we prayed about it and we both knew God was showing us  what it was He wanted us to do, How He wanted us to do it and When!!  

We have been open for two weeks now and it is still slow, but we know once the word gets around they will start coming!!

Not sure what it is, How to Start or When?  Be patient, God will show you!! 🙂 

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