What’s your 2017 word?

At the beginning of a New Year, with my New Year Resolutions, (you know we all make one)…But, how long do we stay committed..I mean really!!   Some of us stay committed for  a week, some 21 days and some make it 2 months and decide this is it….I know, I’ve been one of them….Over 4 years ago I made the decision to lose my extreme amount of weight I had gained (over 300lbs) and I’m happy to say, I’m down 180lbs…..img_6843but I still have 100lbs to go…the past few months my weight slowed down and I started looking at myself, and asking what was I doing different…I realized I was not focusing on my purpose, my goals…I started my New Year 2017 with “Purpose”…..I’m losing my last 100lbs in 2017…Not only my New Year’s Resolution…But my New Word “Purpose” in reaching my Goal, growing and continually helping others “Reach their Goals”!!!

What about you?…..What’s your New Word for 2017?…..What is your commitment to accomplish in 2017?

If you are comfortable sharing in the comments below….Share with us and let us help cheer you on…..Here’s to a SUCCESSFUL 2017!!!!


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