Lifestyle Changes

One of my favorite quotes: “A Healthy Lifestyle Not Only Changes Your Body, It Changes Your Mind, Your Attitude and Your Mood”….This quote is so true…

Before my Weight loss journey, I was extremely overweight, depressed, quiet and was really grumpy….me..yep..grumpy!!!  Now that I have loss over 180lbs I have changed my outlook on my body, have more energy, doing more with my family, & friends, my mindset has changed – I think more positive, I do Personal development every morning, my attitude and mood has changed to more positive, energetic and uplifting…..

It took me two years to wake up and realize I need to change to a Healthier Lifestyle after my auto accident….how long will it take you?

It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or age you are…..there is always a first step to a healthier lifestyle change 🙂

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