Wellness Warriors Faith & Fitness Team works together to help you reach your level 10 Results whether it is to control your weight, lose weight, lose inches, get toned, build muscle, meal skippers, on the go -no time for breakfast…

Five years ago after an auto accident, I went into a two-year depression, not being able to work, do activities I used to do, I gained an extreme amount of weight, falling asleep when company came over, getting out of breath walking across a room!

Now, I’m down to 200lbs, Amazing energy and loving my activity level. Have I reached my goal? Not yet, but I’m getting there.

I’ve joined one of our Amazing Challenge myself to reach my next level 10, to motivate and encourage my family, friends, and community and to become a better Coach!

If you would like to Join us, fill out the contact information on the side!! 🙂