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Hi :) I'm Wellness Coach Gail, I was extremely overweight, extremely tired and extremely inactive and now I have lost over 175lbs, have Amazing energy, totally active and love my new husband, Enoch has lost 20lbs and loves his new energy level...We love helping others reach their goals!! Get with us and let us help you reach your goal!!
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Did YOU know when you decide to change YOUR Lifestyle, whether it’s Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Build Muscle, Get Toned, Start a new job, I could go on….it’s not only a process of YOUR Body, BUT, of your Mind and Soul.  Did you get that?  Now I know why I […]


SPRING TIME – A TIME OF RENEWAL REBOOST YOUR BODY & MIND A time to renew your mind through Meditation and Personal Development – add yoga or set a time aside to Meditation on what you have read from your Personal Development – from books of inspiration such as: 7 […]

Lifestyle Changes

One of my favorite quotes: “A Healthy Lifestyle Not Only Changes Your Body, It Changes Your Mind, Your Attitude and Your Mood”….This quote is so true… Before my Weight loss journey, I was extremely overweight, depressed, quiet and was really grumpy….me..yep..grumpy!!!  Now that I have loss over 180lbs I have changed my […]

What’s your 2017 word?

At the beginning of a New Year, with my New Year Resolutions, (you know we all make one)…But, how long do we stay committed..I mean really!!   Some of us stay committed for  a week, some 21 days and some make it 2 months and decide this is it….I know, […]


Have you ever found yourself looking in one direction thinking, ‘This was it’!!  I know this is the direction I’m suppose to go!  Well…….Have You? 🙂 I have!!!   A year ago I found myself questioning is this the direction I’m meant to go!! I mean NOTHING WAS HAPPENING!!! After much […]


I’m going to reach my weight goal by the end of 2016!!!  Ya’ll it has been a journey of obstacles, struggles, joy, triumph, tears, and I know that I’m going to reach my Goal and long the way I’m helping others reach their Goals!!   I have another 100lbs to […]


Have you ever been there?  You know, that spot where you know you are ready to start a ‘new beginning’, but just wasn’t sure quite where to start. That’s where I was…I knew it was time to add another adventure to what we were doing, BUT, I had no idea […]