How do I want to be seen in ten years? As a loving person that is positive, caring, encouraging, inspirational, helping others, and an inspirational writer shining God’s light What do I want to be known for in ten years? As an Active, inspiring writer/author, loving wife, mother, grandmother shining […]

“Purposeless to Purposeful”

  My husband and I were sitting on our back porch looking at our beautiful sunset that God blessed us with , when we started talking about how our life had turned from being ” Purposeless” to “Purposeful”.  I mean we went to church, was involved in Ministry. We thought we […]


Have you ever had a donkey? My granny had one.  When I was ten years old my two brothers brought the donkey to the house, they were planning on riding it.  Now this donkey was stubborn, it did not listen well at all. My brothers took turns riding and then my […]