Water, Water, Water

Remember it’s very important to drink at least 8, 8oz glasses of water daily and for every 30 minutes of workout drink an extra 8oz glass of water. Don’t forget to Rehydrate, Replenish, Power Up and Fuel Good with Herbalife’s H3O  or Herbalife24Hydrate to replenish your body with essential electrolytes […]

Never Give Up

There are going to be times we will want to stop, no we want make it, its to late, I just can’t do it, on and on it goes. But 🙂 we can go on, pick ourselves back up, ask God to give us the strength and we will make […]


Good Morning 🙂 3 days has passed since my first Weight Loss Challenge Class , all the members are doing great on their progress 🙂 I personally have lost 22lbs in four and half weeks and I’m so excited and know that we are all going to succeed in getting […]

Tomorrow is the Day :)

I had a wonderful weekend 🙂 I hope everyone of you did as well 🙂 Tomorrow is the Day 🙂  I’m so excited and busy with getting the members folders ready, gifts ready that is won in drawings every week, the music ready that I will be playing at the […]

4 more days to go

I’m so excited. Only four more days until my first Weight Loss Challenge Class and I have four members already and counting 🙂 I’m excited to be able to help others with me right along beside them helping them to reach their goals.